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Recruiting That Brings Results

70% of candidates currently available in the job market are not applying. They're waiting for someone to reach out.  

The ONLY way to ensure you're finding the best candidates is with a PROACTIVE, OUTBOUND recruiting approach

One LinkedIn message doesn't do it anymore. 

It takes creativity and consistency to find the gold. 

That's how we deliver our results.


A few notes on us: 

- Niche: JV Recruiting doesn't hyper-focus on one particular industry niche. Our expertise is in the hunt. Understanding what you're looking for and going out and getting it. 

- Approach: High commitment, high results. We've found that our clients get the best results when we're in it together. Book a discovery call to learn more about how we create a partnership with this dynamic. 

- You don't pay unless we deliver. Our approach is a zero-risk model for you that creates commitment on both ends of the aisle. Book a discovery call to get specific details. 

- Direct Hire Specialists: JV Recruiting is a company that specializes in direct hire placements. There are plans to expand into contract offerings later in 2024. Feel free to ask us for more details on that. 

Click below to ask us how we can help fill your job openings FAST. Our customer service lead will answer any questions for your and get you connected with the right information. 


JV Recruiting Solutions is a Georgia-based company with recruiters that operate nationally. 

Feel free to text 404-595-2375 for questions or quick info.  

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